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- Sustainability -

Our products protect the climate, resources, water, environment and your health

The continued increase in global industrialisation is also having a negative impact on humans, animals and the environment and has led to the term sustainable development being defined back in 1987 as the "way and means of satisfying the needs of the present generation without risking the ability of future generations to satisfy their own needs."

Today, almost 30 years later, the need for sustainable action is more topical than ever. The supply of healthy food, clean drinking water, healthy air and clean energy can only be achieved if all necessary and possible measures are taken to leave a world to our children and grandchildren that is still liveable. Ecological, economic and social principles need to be pursued to create conditions for our world that are lastingly peaceful and healthy. Sustainability is everyone's concern.
For GSM, sustainability is a key central company goal and an important part of our corporate culture. Our sustainability goals include:

  • 100% secure: Our customers can be 100% sure that our additives comply with all current environmental standards, and thus do not pose a threat to human beings or animals. 

  • Responsibility for our employees: We are a family-run business and apply a humane and fair employment model in relation to our employees. Our products are also characterised by the high standards they have regarding health and safety at work.

  • Raw materials sourced from Europe: We only process raw materials produced in Europe by suppliers who are well-known to us. 

  • Fair conduct towards customers and suppliers: A trusting relationship with customers and suppliers is self-evident to us. We have built up long-term relationships with our suppliers and look forward to attracting and keeping a large number of regular customers who feel well looked after and are comfortable with us.

  • Dust-free: Our polyester flakes are TÜV-certified. If used properly, they release hardly any particulates and are gentle on the horse's and rider's lungs and organism.

  • Conformity with the German Federal Soil Protection and Contamination Ordinance: We produce our additives in line with the German Federal Soil Protection and Contamination Ordinance.

  • Environmentally neutral: Our additives are 100% environmentally neutral.

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